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Topic: Strange team stuff

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Posted at: 2019-06-02, 01:47

Playing a 4 player game with 3 AI 2 on other side and 1 teamed with me. Weird thing happened on border with my team mate though. I was building a fisher hut and when I dismantled my blockhouse my fisher hut burned down as if my team mate had caused it. No contact with enemy yet. Is this a bug or just a nasty trick? Do I have to fear my team mate?

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Posted at: 2019-06-02, 03:11

your teammate border will expand normally. so, if you dismantle your military buildingd, you can stilll lose land to your teammate. You must not dismantle buildings at the border with your ally.

And before you suggest this is fixed, it's not a bug but a feature. It can be useful if your ally surrounds you and you need to get through him to keep expanding. of course, humans are supposed to be careful about it.

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