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Topic: Depleted Mines Suggestions

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Posted at: 2019-02-17, 21:58

What solution do you guys recommend for training Barb soldiers using depleted mines? Like deeper mines all the way? or many small mines?

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Posted at: 2019-02-17, 22:25

Coal: Many small mines (this could be sometimes even better than carcoal burners, because carcoal production needs more space) Iron and gold: Deepest mines.

It depends also a bit of the buildings and wares which you currently have. If you have a really huge meat industry or big stocks, small mines might be a good choice, and if you have a big farm industry, build first of all only deepest mines .

This is valid for versions which are newer than build19. For older versions like build19, small mines are probably better.

By the way, this thread would fit better in "playing widelands" because it's not a suggestion how to change the game, but this is not a problem at all for me.

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