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Topic: concentric circles win??

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Pry about Widelands
Posted at: 2018-01-24, 21:15

Anyway. Where i can put high rating to it? I really liked it design!

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Posted at: 2018-01-24, 21:54

EgyLynx wrote:

Anyway. Where i can put high rating to it? I really liked it design!

Do you mean the map?

Here you can search for "rating" and if you are logged in, you can click on one of the stars

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Posted at: 2018-01-30, 12:40

Tinker wrote:

Without hijacking this thread to much, the correct British term for a trained soldier is soldier, an untrained soldier is a recruit. Rookie is mainly a US baseball term although there are some military references to rookies in the 19th century where the new trainee soldiers were compare to chess pieces. A trained and battle experienced soldier is a veteran and one who has an outstanding military record of achievement is a hero.

The WL terms of hero and rookie, while incorrect English, are easier for most people to understand, it is mainly a problem for language pedants like me.

As I said before, if you wish to have correct British English terms and spellings, you can have them in the British English translation - just think of American English as a foreign language and not your problem whenever it irks you face-wink.png

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