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Topic: Moveable units.

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Pry about Widelands
Posted at: 2010-01-24, 19:41

It will be pretty well to move military unit between military buildings.

Don't be sucks - settlers 2 was released many years ago, you could do Widelands better.

I imagine this in this way: 1. User click on military unit and go to transfer page/click on transfer button 2. Window similar to attack window would appear 3. User selects how many units may transfer That all!

Additionally, it could be fine to extend attack algorithm to selects range of unit used in attack. I think, there will be also great to select from how far destination units will went.

It could be also possible to selecting flags too. Why flag couldn't be less military building, without zone control?

Sorry for my English and words - I still learning.

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Posted at: 2010-01-24, 20:11


There won't be much more focus on military finess in widelands. Sure, we will round corners here and there, but you won't get more control over military. We will work on economical stuff. Widelands will not put more emphasis on war.

Cheers, !SirVer

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Posted at: 2010-01-24, 22:32

Especially since moving "good units" to the front is really easy, just a bit "work" to do and to keep up with the game progress/watch the soldiers running around. And who wants to move "bad" soldiers around? Calling cannonfodder? :-) I think it is good the way it is. Just play with the "kick out" buttons till your units are where you want them. If they are good enough, they'll be at the front fast enough. Remember, the opponent has the same problem face-grin.png

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