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Topic: Soldier repartition

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Posted at: 2009-12-17, 10:30

Hi, I am playing widelands since RC13 and I remember well settlers 2.

I remember that, in setlers 2, there was some adjustable automatic repartition of soldiers, according to the border proximity. I was wondering whether this features was planned to be added to widelands.

(and thanks for your work !! this is a already a great game !)

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Pry about Widelands
Posted at: 2009-12-17, 21:15

Do you mean having more soldiers on the borders, and fewer closer to the centre of your domain?

If yes, then you can manually adjust the occupation of military buildings by clicking on the less/down arrow on the buildings you wish to vacate ...

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Posted at: 2009-12-17, 23:00

The computer player seems to do this, but it is stupid. It fills a site even if it can not attack/be attacked when it is close to another player but water between. The code should be fixed and moved from computer player to game engine, so that human players can use it as well.

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