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Topic: The wood problem


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Posted at: 2013-09-26, 14:41

In the topic "map symmetry" the old wood problem, or perhaps tree problem, has surfaced again. The problem is that neglected ground grows too many trees: efforts to make a way through with lumberjacks produces far too many logs (erroneously referred to as 'trunks' in the game), the transport of which blocks the roads. This is a huge problem in huge maps! It seems to me that the environment is to blame. Trees grow far to readily without the help of a ranger. In our world, a few lumberjacks can easily destroy huge areas of forest, and they would take a long time to grow back without assistance. I suggest these solutions:- 1. the natural regrowth, without the assistance of a ranger, is much reduced; 2. controllable fire be introduced. 3. in our world, domestic animals browse on trees so much that the trees die out (see Scotland and New Zealand), so in Widelands the cattle used as carriers would browse out trees near the track, and so would the animals coming out of the gamekeepers hut.

Simplest of these would be to reduce the fertility of grassland: why is it so high?

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Hi egg - this debate has recently restarted at If you could include your input here it helps keep it in one place.

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lumberjacks produces far too many logs (erroneously referred to as 'trunks' in the game)

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