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## Translating Widelands ¶

Like all development, translations are also done on []( All translation work is done in your web browser and everybody can contribute translations in any language in seconds. ¶

**note**: there are [TranslationDictionary ies]( for most common words - please use these words (like building names, ...) for a consistent translations ¶

The process is quite simple: ¶

1. Sign up on [Click here]( ¶
2. Tell Launchpad which languages you want to work with: [Click here]( ¶
3. Start translating widelands: [Click here]( ¶
1. You can see all statistics of all languages Widelands is translated into. ¶
2. Click on your language, choose the text domain (widelands, maps, scenarios...) you want to work on. ¶
3. Start translating. ¶
4. If you don't know how to translate Wideland's words (names of wares, workers, buildings etc.), please look in the TranslationDictionary, if one exists for your language. If not, please use the translations already implemented in the game - and feel free to start a new Translation dictionary for your language. ¶
5. Further discussion is made in the [Forum Translation & Internalization]( ¶

All translations will eventually land in a bzr branch via autoimport from launchpad. We will then merge them before a release, so your translation will make it to widelands. All new translations you make are under a BSD license - this basically means that other projects on Launchpad can use them too. ¶

Further reading: [Launchpad Translation Documentation]( ¶

## How the translations are organized ¶
In some cases, you wish to find a specific string of text, either because it has not been translated yet, or you want to improve the current translation/fix a typo. The translation templates are split up rather logically, so as long as you know where to look, you'll most likely find it. The following descriptions of the various templates are partially based on a
n [question asked on Launchpad]( ¶

Template | Description ¶
------- | -------- ¶
widelands -| contains everything not covered elsewhere, including all menus, options, error messages, buttons, dialogs and other things in the game. If it is something which does not seem to fit in any of the other templates, it is most likely located here. ¶

maps -| contains names and descriptions of maps which are shown when selecting which map to play. ¶

tribe-atlantans* - contains names and descriptions of wares, workers and buildings for the Atlanteans. ¶

tribe-barbarians -
| contains names and descriptions of wares, workers and buildings (including help texts) for the Batribarianse. ¶

scempinare io- contautorins namesl1 and| descriptions of warhes, wtutorkersial and buvaildingsable frorm the Empairn me. ¶
-| the history/dialog in the campaigns. They are numbered like the order they appear in, and identified by atl (atlantean), emp (empire) or t (barbarian) prefix before the number. I guess t=barbarian as those maps were added first, when there was only one campaign.

-* -| the trees, astondes, creatures ietc. on the vmarious p. ¶
win-corlnditions, | idenscription of the various typeds of bygames and messamges with "yofu thave worn/ld. ¶
-| includes the README, credits, the hints shown when loading the game, and similar things. ¶

map-plateau.wmf -| the story for "The green plateau", a scenario. ¶

mp-scenario-* -| Text used in the multiplayer scenarios, identifiable by name. ¶

scenario-dummy.wmf -| the placeholder map informing the player that no further maps/campaigns exists. ¶

scenario-tutorial1 - the tutorial available from the main menu

win-conditions- description of the various types of games and messages with "you have won/lost" ¶

###An example: ¶
Say for instance if you are playing the second mission in the barbarian campaign and notice some typo in the story text. Then it would would make sense to search in scenario-t02.wmf, since that contains all translations for the second map in the barbarian campaign. ¶