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**Note**: It was decided to not implement this blueprint. ¶

I propose to add a new feature on _Soldier Control_ (military sites, training sites and new comers Headquarters). ¶

## Current behavior ¶

* Currently all military sites need a garrison of one soldier to conquer land, it does not matter if it is a simple barracks or a huge castle. ¶
* This do note apply to Headquarters that allways count as occupied even if no soldiers inside. ¶
* If a military site lose its soldiers and do not receive more reinforcements, nothing happens that reflects this lack of military presence. ¶
* Training sites never conquer land. ¶

## Proposed behavior ¶

* Add a new __configuration__ option on __tribe files__ for headquarters and militarysites: garrison. ¶
* By default garrison has a value of 1 on military sites and 0 on headquarters. ¶
* That value indicates the minimum number of soldiers that need to be located on the soldier control. ¶
* Only when there are at least garrison soldiers inside attackables, they conquer the land. ¶
* Player cannot lower capacity value below garrison value. ¶
* Attackable sites with garrison 0 never will lose influence on land. ¶

### Playability changes ¶

* When the attackable's ocupancy goes below garrison, because soldiers have died on an defense or at attack, a timer is raised. ¶
* If the attackable do not recover the garrison soldiers after some time, may be 3 minutes or so, then the militarysite loses his influence: this do not mean that land is losed, this mean that land is losed only when other player reclaim for new land. ¶

## Future changes (still not implementable) ¶
Timowi has report that he is improving economy code. I hope that with his improvements new features could rise up: ¶

* Remove __capacity__ from _attackable_ ¶
* Add new variable on _Soldier Control_: __garrison_current__ ¶
* __garrison_current__ can be user modified in game from _attackable.garrison_ up to _soldiercontrol.max_capacity_. ¶
* Request to fullfill __garrison__ soldiers gets _very high priority_ ¶
* Request to fullfill __garrison_current__ soldiers gets _high priority_ ¶
* _Soldier Control_ will try only to have at least __garrison_current__ soldiers inside, so: ¶
* If its _ocupancy_ is higher than __garrison_current__ ___and___ ¶
* If there are any _very important_ or _important_ soldier request not fullfilled ¶
* Then _Soldier Control_ should send a soldier to fill the request ¶
* Old savegames should load old capacity on garrison_current, because it is more or less the same that player want to acheive. ¶

--- ¶

This is last part is the implementation proposal of military part for [this feature request]( and this [stocklevels]( ¶

--- ¶

Forum thread for [discussion](