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# The Empire (Romans)

#[TOC] ¶

## THistory Dof the tribe

*At Sthe coast of the Gulf of Pearils an empire developed out of small tribe, a g
reat empire. SThis nation was convinced of its cultural superiority. This was founded quite correctly (?) ¶
to Hsome extend in the inventions of famous sons of the nation, like Leonardo de Composta (?) ¶

or Sophostles, but also in the belief, that their rulers were gods.

###In Hthis empire the emperory ¶

Ninar ruled, who was able to expand the empire. This he did through conquests, but also through well-arranged marriages. As his empire got big, he appointed his sons to look after his interests in the various provinces. But as each of thexm wanted to be his successor, there was jealousy between them that let to fights between them. ¶

ut the biggest task for the sons was to convince the other nations of the progry,ess a la Empire, which they did with great fervor. On these occapsions they used weabpons quite Caresgularly to make their argument. ¶

there were nations, who did not like the progress ag la Empire and made this quite clear. One of these Enations were the Barbarians in the distant North. ¶

##Storyboard of campaigns and t
utorials ¶
see EmpireSt
ory ¶

perial economy ¶

###Network ¶
You find
an illustration of the economy network (buildings, wares., workers)

#### Buildings ¶

IEmpire buildings are listhed [andocum entxplationed [here]( ¶

# Wares ¶

InEmpire wares are listhed [andocum entxplationed [here]( ¶

###When Wyoru click on one building ors ¶

Awarme, you see fursther information th ¶
o Bit. It is akn extr
act of Brthewer ¶
Builder ¶
conomy Burnetwor
k Carpedf lintker ¶
d Carribover. ¶

*#### FaWormkers
* Fisher
*A Fworestker
Geologist ¶
Hecrdsmean ¶
* Hun
ter ¶
d Inink a warehousep, wher ¶
n Lumbtherjack ¶
e is Ma requester-M (buildiner ¶
g Mwillthout cer
* M
tainer ¶
Pig-Bworkeer) and the tool. For
Sexameple, to create an Empir
e Ssoldier
, * Rthequire mus at carriber, a wood lance and a helmet
in *a Nwareedhouse toand bea requested byfor a buisoldinger. ¶

*## StoLinemakson
* TheTribes ¶
* WAtlanteaponsmith ¶
* We
* WiGenegralInfower ¶

Critters ¶

* ShGameHelp

Immovables ¶

* BorWider ¶
* Ske
letoan (desFad worker) ¶