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Added, that an additional benefit of this blueprint would be to have a convincing solution for the problem of "instant soldiers", if the creation of new soldiers required some time.

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# A proposal to change the way soldiers are created. ¶

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## Overview ¶

Currently, soldiers are produced at the warehouse in a manner that confuses new players and can cause stock problems. It is also nearly impossible to specify where a soldier should be made. Thus there are strategic and ease-of-use reasons to separate solder production to it's own building like other wares, rather than be made at a warehouse like workers. This is not the only option but I believe it to be a good one. ¶

This can also be integrated into Desired Stock Levels <> ¶

Here is a quick breakdown of benefits and drawbacks of this system as opposed to the current system. ¶

Benefits: ¶

the separate Building (working name = casern) could require some time for each soldier to receive some basic military education. If so, the problem, that a stock of basic weapons (and armour) really is a hidden strenght and converts into "instant soldiers" is solved in a very transparent way for all players.

Drawbacks: ¶

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## Current State ¶

## Suggestions ¶

## Changes to the Game ¶

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## Roadmap ¶

The following items will be handled by this blueprint: ¶

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