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Poll: Map Contest: Over the sea

5 comments, 9 votes Posted on 2013-08-16, 09:21

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It is not easy to decide upon the best map of those nine, as all of them have their specific style and none of them can be named loveless or boring. So to say: you all did a great job :)!


One map each day, and there is just enough time to make an unbiased view of them all!


By the way: Everybody who thinks that this voting is not fair -- go to wikipedia and search for Arrow's impossibility theorem


Arrow's impossibility theorem But not all the criteria exists :) There is no "dictator": no single voter possesses the power to always determine the group's preference. (wikipedia) There is a bit of determine preference.

I have no better alternative to voting, so I prefer this voting instead of other judgement face-smile.png


Very little time to make a good judgement call - I could not play all maps at all :(. However I have a favorite - but there are other maps which are very close seconds. All in all I am very impressed by the quality of the maps that were entered into the contest. Thanks to everybody who participated.

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