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Poll: Backwards Compatible Buildings

19 comments, 71 votes Posted on 2011-11-19, 17:45

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nice diagram and it is much better than the old view, where the percent numbers are pushed outside the window face-grin.png


You can vote as often as you want, even when logged in. Perhaps it should remember the IP address and allow only one vote per IP?


Sirver has changed that now - so it's no more true. Now let's have some reliable results!


Oh yes, it should :) I thought only registered user could vote and once only. I took that for granted; Otherwise there is too much room for pushing one's own opinion.


MMh.. I thought we could trust the community. Seems like this is not the case looking at the distribution of polls. This will need some coding... I might be able to do this this weekend.


Okay, one vote per account is now in place.




Now it's: allgemein, unmittelbar, frei, gleich, geheim! face-wink.png


Not geheim face-smile.png I can see who voted on what in the database. But I won't tell :).


Great poll (topic and execution). +1 face-wink.png


The only negative thing i can't think about in regards to the poll is that even with the browser window fullscreen on a 1280x1024 monitor some of the text is cut off.


This poll thing is a good idea! Are there any plans to transport the goods from a building (i.e. iron from tool smith, food from mines etc.) before upgrading the building? It is more disturbing in my opinion than the non-backward compatibility of the buildings, probably it would be a good poll topic too. What do you think?


In the latest development version you can already empty your buildings. So there’s no need for a poll. face-wink.png


Wow, good to know! Thanks!


ok voted, but too late I guess face-tongue.png


@SirVer: regarding the voting system itself.

It's very good that only one vote per account is counted anymore. But maybe it would be good to allow more than one vote with only the last vote counting: This way someone could change his mind while voting is still going on.


The explanation about why the empire inn i not backward compatible is the kind of detail that adds depth to the game, making it more interesting. This said, it would surely help if the differences between cultures were more explicit, with some direct hints in the campaigns for example.


Well... vote is vote and it seems this turns out to be a "everything is backwards compatible" game, anyways it's not an easy change if the axefactory should produce all weapons + all tools, the code selecting the needed tool / weapon really has to be improved before that change...


I've also thought about this problem. Maybe only the brewery (and the inn) should be backwards compatible. The difference between Metalworkshop (how ever it'll be named) and axefactory/war mill, so one producing tools and the other weapons, should stay. Unfortunately, this option didn't exist.

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