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News: Widelands mentioned in Language Revitalization Blog


Widelands mentioned in Language Revitalization Blog

For those wo are curious about what your current chieftain is up to outside of Widelands, I was recently interviewed by a language revitalization blog. Widelands received a central part in the presentation. You can read the blog at Conquering digital worlds in Scottish Gaelic.

3 comments Posted by GunChleoc on 2017-04-06, 13:57

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This was a really fascinating read! It goes to show what one (or two) people can achieve if they really put their heart to it. It is also a great acknowledgement and celebration of your personal work and your passion. Thanks for sharing!

I was surprised that you did not mention the problems with RTL languages - this usually requires slightly more work than the plural rules and the sufficient whitespace, i.e. I consider this the harder issue.


Yes, RTL/BiDi languages are an even tougher problem, especially Arabic script with all its ligatures. The original interview did mention this, but it didn't make the final edit - it would have been a pretty long read without any cuts.


I guess most people do not know about the translation problems and how much work it is to solve.

Thanks for your work, GunChleoc face-smile.png

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