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3 things that make me happy

Three good things to share

Participation required people! Read on.

1. Play-Day ahead!

This sunday is a official play day. Just join us in the IRC Chat to get some games going. You can voice your will to participate in the comments to this post or in the corresponding forum post. I am looking forward to play a game or two as well this Sunday.

2. !WiHack is coming back

I have to admit, we are late with getting this rolling this year. But we definitively want to have another !WiHack this year as well. This time, we try something new: I set up a doodle this time with some potential weekends in the next few weeks. The poll will run for approximately 14 days; I will then pick a suitable day and approach the guys from Entropia e.V. and see if they are willing and able to host us on the specific date. Hopefully, this will work out.

The !WiHack will be similar to the last two: a lot of fun and bursting with bristling activity, coding and playing! Check the news archive for more information about the past ones.

So, if you seriously consider joining in on the !WiHack this time, just head over to the Doodle Page and click on the dates where you could make it.

3. The Website team needs more hands

Finally, a great technology change has happened: we updated the site to run a less ancient software stack and we finally deployed some of the work that the website team have had in the making for a while now. So, what you see now is mostly the work from hjd, aber and janus.

However, the Elder of Homepage janus asked me to motivate more of you guys to join in the fun and help out with the homepage. The following skills are searched for, any combination is welcome:

  • 2D graphics skills for buttons and there like
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Django/Python

The following projects are currently underway:

  • Make the site valid HTML 5
  • Beautify design and layout (especially for the help pages).
  • whatever you think should be enhanced on this site

This is your chance to show your work to roughly 20.000 people per month!

janus can be reached via private message on this very site or (preferably) in our IRC Channel. He is constantly idling there, just poke him and he will answer eventually.

2 comments Posted by SirVer on 2011-08-26, 19:03

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Wow, we had plenty of games on playday today. I was involved in three of them.... well actually only one which I played in. I hosted it and unfortunately I picked an unfair map which meant that the game was not as good as it could have been. We were 5 humans in the beginning, but had plenty of technical problems - we lost some player on the way. Good fun though nevertheless.

The second game I only witnessed, a 2v2 with two tribes only (so shared kingdom): Kristin + Mirian vs Thorian + hjd. It was a nailbiter, but in the end, Kristins team etched out a win.

The last game I only hosted. It was on a map from the Download section called UK_11. 3 computers and 2 humans (_aD and Thorian), but it turned out that the start positions were so far apart that only the human players interacted with each other. I missed all of the action, but it seemed to have been an interesting game as well.


Well, while I do want to help out with the homepage, (and I've mentioned this to janus earlier) I don't really have as much time to actually do it as I would like to. Still I hope to be able to contribute to various areas, though it may be rather sporadic.

Getting the site to validate sounds like an interesting project, and I will probably look a bit into this at some point. Though I am by no means claiming this task in case others (especially with better time) want to work on it.

Have someone created a list over known issues regarding to validation errors, or is it ok if I file a couple of bug reports? (I know of at least one page which cause annoying errors, which should be an easy fix, but I haven't really figured out how it works yet.)

About WiHack: hm.... maybe...

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