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News: Bugs to be fixed until Build14RC


Bugs to be fixed until Build14RC

As some people already asked and wondered, why the RC for Build14 is not yet released:

Unfortunally we found some bigger bugs in current source code, that might spoil your fun in playing Widelands. Well some people might say "it's just a RC" - but that is exactly the point: RC = "Release Candidat" means a version that perhaps could be released as finally version as it is - at the moment we are not that far. face-sad.png

Below is a list of bugs that are "blockers" for the RC. If you know C++ and want to support us - please join our forces to get the work done face-smile.png

  • Spectators are able to send playercommands for other players (Bug #2820422) -> fixed
  • Failed assertion in playercommand (Bug #2819029) -> fixed
  • Mismatched free() / delete / delete [] in picture code (Bug #2818677) -> fixed
  • Soldier production "ware distribution" broken (Bug #2820461) -> fixed

And a handful more bugs that should be fixed until release of Build14...

2 comments Posted by Nasenbaer on 2009-07-12, 20:48

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Already to bugs fixed face-smile.png

Coming closer to the RC


Yeah, finally that last nasty one fixed face-smile.png

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