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Build-12 released

After many months of development and a busy week of post-release candidate fixing and polishing, we finally present to you: Build-12 of Widelands.

So head over to the Downloads section to enjoy it in all its glory. And while you're at it, you might want to meet with other players in the Forums or in our IRC Channel #widelands on Freenode to arrange some multiplayer games!

Read on for the full release statement.

The Widelands Development Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of build-12 of Widelands. Widelands is a Free, cross-platform strategy game in which players control the fate of a small tribe that can grow into a big empire, in a style of play that is unique in the open source world. Please visit our homepage,, to learn more.

Some of the highlights of build-12 are:

  • fully working multiplayer games
  • improved animations and graphics
  • a first glimpse of the third tribe, the Atlantids

As usual, there have been many more improvements to the usability and performance, as well as numerous gameplay improvements and bugfixes.

Widelands uses SDL as graphics and input library and is currently available for Linux/x86, Windows (32-bit), Mac OS X, and in source code. Both binary and source packages are available from

Simply download the binary package for your operating system and run the widelands executable! If your operating system is not supported, download a source package and try to compile it for yourself. See the homepage for the libraries you need to have installed.

If you like what you see, please visit our homepage,, and shout out somewhere in the forums. You may also want to check the forums and our IRC channel, #widelands on Freenode, to arrange multiplayer games with other players.

We especially welcome every helping hand, even if you just want to contribute by helping us find bugs. If you want to take part even more in the further development of Widelands, you can subscribe to on to keep up with development on a daily basis.

All releases are announced on the widelands-announce mailing list. Please visit if you want to receive email announcements of future releases.

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