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Topic: The music spreads :)

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Posted at: 2012-02-07, 07:24

Hi everyone and especially hi musicians,

yesterday in the evening I found a very interesting youtube video by coincidence. It's a part of the Widelands theme played on saxophone. take a look here and no, i don't know the guy, just think it's awesome, that there is some kind of a cover of the widelands music.

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Posted at: 2013-03-30, 10:19

The Work of Copying is a honorable Compliment for the Originator - we may wonder if it's just a "Reinvention" or an "Inspiration" but at all Cases IMO nice.

edit Read Text on Youtube-Site and it's clear it's related to WideLands .. and thus for sure a Compliment. face-smile.png

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