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Topic: Who did the blackland quarry stones?

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Posted at: 2011-04-29, 18:47

Does anybody know?
I think they look a lot better than those in the other worlds.
Is there a blender file for them?
If so, I guess they could easily be resized and used as a starting point
for greenland impassable mountain tops!

From some other thread: Question answered. It's Alexia Death's work. ... and though she isn't quite happy with the shape anymore, I insist that they're still a lot better than what is currently used.

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Being no programmer, I apologize for all my suggestions that imply undue workload and for other misjudgements due to lack of expertise or relevant skills.
I am on Win32, have no means to compile, and rely on prefabricated distributions (Thanks to Tino).

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