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Topic: Suggestion about Soldiers Part3

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Posted at: 2011-05-17, 06:58

Hallo, and welcome BeniH!
What a posting! face-smile.png I'll need a little time to think this all over; time that I don't have ATM.
I'll come back, later.
For now I'll just comment on one thing, where you may be mistaken:
You can have a reserve army with Widelands, as it is now,
and the number of miltary buildings is independent from your soldiers' count.
It is not only the military buildings, that generate a demand for new soldiers,
but as well the training facilities.
Whenever one of the two training sites have a slot unoccupied, the system tries to fill it.
If no untrained soldiers exist in the warehouses, it will create a new soldier.
It will succeed, if the basic requirements
are met (1 basic weapon, 1 piece of armor).
more later.... see you

Being no programmer, I apologize for all my suggestions that imply undue workload and for other misjudgements due to lack of expertise or relevant skills.
I am on Win32, have no means to compile, and rely on prefabricated distributions (Thanks to Tino).

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Posted at: 2011-05-17, 13:56

Oh, great to read that it is already possible to stock up soldiers... Well then, some of my suggestions are already implemented :) Sorry for me missing this while testing.

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Pry about Widelands
Posted at: 2011-05-17, 17:50

I uploaded some sreens to make the idea more precise.
However i wanted to note, that the Settlers-I System is not perfect, it just should illustrate some of the ideas.

- This shows a border, illustrating the border-setting. In the right top you see an enemy small military house, max manned by three Soldiers. The current garrison is visualized by the height of the flag on the pole: there are three states low:<=33%, middle:>33%&&<=66%, high=>66%. The thickness on the cross shows the distance of this building to the border: Here are four states; only the first one could be attacked by the enemy: Thick cross=direct border; Thin cross=near border; horizontal line=far border; no line=no enemy in sight (farfarfar border). The red line in the screenshot roughly marks the border where "direct border" ends and "near border" begins. The near border buildings are not selectable to be attacked by the enemy, only "direct border" buildings can be attacked.

- This shows the global garrison config dialog and defines how well should military buildings be manned relative to their distance to the border. This is the min/max thing i used as template above. Everywhere you can select 4 states, ranging from "minimum" to "full" and corresponding to the values 25%, 50% 75% and 100%. These are the values which result in the available attack soldiers as well as the need for the economy to place new soldiers in a house. As described above, i think it is better to implement that with just a new "Min" value for the military buildings as this allows for finer control. If you look at the first screen, you can see that the economy does not meet the settings in the border-settings dialoge: There "Full" is defined, but only 75% soldiers are manning my front houses. This is caused from an attack run (only 25% of the front houses were allowed to attack, so 75% remain as garrison) in a nearby location.

- This shows the attack dialoge. I wanted to attack the right-top enemy house. The dialog now shows me the available soldiers, based on distance. From left to right the distance is increasing. As you can see, i have no "direct border" soldiers available, this is because every near building has only 75% garrison and the border setting defines, that 75% of the crew must always stay home. However, i have one soldier in a "near border" house and several in farfarfar-houses. Of course the drwaback is, that those soldiers have a long way to travel.

- This shows the global military dialog. The top red line lets me define the recruitment rate; every N'th new citizen is transferred to a soldier if the economy has enough shields and swords. Below, i have a recruitment button, where i can recruit 1,5,20 or 100 new soldiers at once. The number right to the button shows me the currently recruitable citizens. Below that the current morale is shown (193% caused by 126 ingots of gold... a long running game!).
***Below that there are two important options:*** Left is the selection, which soldiers should move out if i order "attack". The right option is the "exchange" button - when clicked, 25% of all soldiers move to a warehouse to be exchanged by a better soldier. This of course works only according to the border-limit; so in the example of the first screenie, no soldiers would leave their garrisons there because the min-value would be exceeded.

I hope thos screens help a bit to understand the principles. Again, i think the proposal i made before is even better than that.

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