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Topic: Ejecting of workers and materials

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Posted at: 2009-04-06, 23:40

More ideas:

a) Ejecting workers from a production site

E.g. a normal mine starts with a miner, who gets better and sometimes turns into a chief/master miner. For a deep mine you need a chief miner and an normal miner. If another mine happens to be finished while an enhancement from normal to deep mine is underway, the chief/mater miner that got ejected for the enhancement works somewhere else and you may end with a deep mine with no chief miner around. SO: How about adding a button to eject the current worker from its location? The same situation applies to the smiths and other professions, too.

b) Ejecting raw materials from a production site

If your economy is in deep shit creek because you forgot to build a rangers hut and your last pieces of lumber idle around in the production that is currently not active (e.g. at the toolsmiths house), it would be nice to be able to kick those lumbers out and back on the market to be able to build the rangers hut (or another lumberjack somewhere else).

Yours, Magor.

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Posted at: 2009-04-07, 13:52

As far as I know Sigra has plans and ideas to distribute construction sites wares and possibly also workers of a certain skill according to the needs of the economy as a whole ... without human interfering.

I really like the idea of workers needing some training, but it should not lead to a useless production site.

btw.. trees are auto-growing - so in your example, you'd just have to wait a bit (seems like a deserved punishment for being so environmentally unaware face-smile.png )

Being no programmer, I apologize for all my suggestions that imply undue workload and for other misjudgements due to lack of expertise or relevant skills.
I am on Win32, have no means to compile, and rely on prefabricated distributions (Thanks to Tino).

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