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Topic: Just a few thoughts about the first Atlantean Campaign mission.

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Posted at: 2010-11-18, 01:14

I had the pleasure to take the time to play the first Atlantean mission tonight. Let me, as a solely single player mode player, sum up a few thoughts, well ordered in importance face-grin.png

  1. What a beautiful map.
  2. Great story.
  3. I really liked the mission's progress. Interesting topic, and good use of game mechanics.
  4. Beautiful ships, impressive shipyards.
  5. One very important "mistake" in the campaign messages: It orders to "leave everything behind and only take trunks, planks and spidercloth with you" and "Build a house for Ostur". Ok, did so, and ended up with a shipyard without shipwright. You need to take the resources for the shipwright with you as well, Ostur isn't waiting in the building (on a second thought, why not add him (a.k.a. a shipwright) in the new warehouse?).
  6. What a beautiful map... (still). A little much resources, though...
  7. One fairly strange bug: Shipwrights seem to finish ships without having spidercloth... (but slower)
  8. One small bug (is it really a bug?): Shipwrights are working together on one ship... (it doesn't even crash!) I can deliver a savegame where this happens if someone wants to see it.
  9. The constantly popping up 'building lost' messages are quickly becoming very very annoying...
  10. The "Explore the island" sub mission has somehow magically disappeared. Mission briefing didn't resolve it, so I'm under the impression it simply disappeared.

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Posted at: 2010-11-18, 11:46

1-4: thanks in the name of everyone involved face-smile.png
5. I added a shipwright to the headquarters. It is not like ostur is born in the moment you finish the warehouse, is it?
7. Cannot reproduce this. The ship decays if it is not continued to a lower level, so that might be it? (in the sense build to level 6 -> decay level 5 -> build to level 6 with wood again)
8. I think this is intended by nicolai. I like it, makes it possible to speed up your ship production if you so wish.
9. You are supposed to burn the buildings down before they get swallowed by the sea. Your poor workers....
10. I disappears as you finish the warehouse. I considered it done then. As the water rises, other stuff gets more important anyways. So this is intentional.

Thanks for the comments. I feel like this mission is the best we currently have by a significant amount. Quite proud of it, I must say.

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Posted at: 2010-11-18, 17:54

1. to 4. Give credit where credit is due. :-D

5. You may be right adding him to the HQ. However, I'd suggest that the messages and also the win conditions are modified: Have Ostur move explicitly to the new warehouse.

7. I'll try to reproduce it, but it may well be that the ships are just decaying parts and being rebuild.

8. I also like it this way, it is just that I wanted to speak up in case it is wrong.

9. I'd suggest to modify the win conditions to reflect what the player is supposed to do: Have them save a couple of (specific and general) wares and many workers and soldiers after the HQ is down and the ships are built... you get what I mean. The current way is "forget everything, why should I safe the workers?" I can also imagine having to wait for another while to load the ships, in that timeframe the new warehouse must not be lost.

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Posted at: 2011-03-25, 22:02

Hai all!

Some more thoughts about this campaign:

1.- to 4. A big thanks to ALL who work(ed) on this !!!

8 So i'm not the only one who doesn't burn down the buildings and let work the people till the very end... Is it possible to burn down ALL those buildings before the sea gets it?

9 See the bug report for this, cause the story should not be spoilere here.

10 *damn I had this in mind but forgot to write it up so this credit goes to you. Good to know, that other players also play AND think face-grin.png



BTW: For those how are interested: --> SPOILER !

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Posted at: 2011-03-26, 10:36

Burning down the buildings: You can do and have to do that manually. The only exception is the HQ which cannot be burned down (we don't want novices to accidentally destroy their own HQ ;))

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