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Topic: Release 1.2

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Posted at: 2023-12-10, 15:38

This is a the thread for everything pertaining to the upcoming release of version 1.2. The release is half a year or more behind the annual schedule target due to some big new features.

There are only a handful of open issues left that I would consider urgent. There are a few reports of non-reproducible crashes left, but while it would be great to fix them all, I would not consider them release-critical. Please point it out if I overlooked anything important!

I want to call the first snow feature freeze for Widelands 1.2 to take place at the end of this year, on December 31st, 2023, at 24:00 CET.

Some of the currently open feature PRs have been labelled as Urgent and can still be merged after the freeze.

When all remaining urgent issues are fixed, we can schedule the winter time freeze and the release dates.

Link to the screenshots submission thread

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Posted at: 2023-12-10, 18:10

Great news !

I think Stucking when inventury and warehouse windows are open is an additional showstopper for v1.2. Although only some people have this problem.

Fight simulator for Widelands:

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Posted at: 2023-12-11, 20:13

Great news indeed.

For me naval warfare is fine to go to get more test experience and be able to refine it in 1.3. Except my naval AI branch. However I think it might be ready as well as it ensures some basic features of the AI but I will look if I can do something more.

only really critical thing is the most annoying freezes on my machine in my opinion as I am not the only one experiencing such freezes.

Edit: I would love to see the last plugins branch in the release as it seems to fill an exisitng gap.

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