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Topic: More than one builder per constructionside

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Posted at: 2023-08-09, 11:31

I would like to make a suggestion that it should be possible to have more than one builder for a given construction site. The more builders there are, the faster the construction should be. This can lead to more strategic options, especially in the case of parallel construction of several buildings or in competition for the construction of military buildings on the border.

Especially with very large production buildings, the construction time can be very long at normal game speed and lead to long waiting times before you can further develop the economy.

The idea came to me because it is now possible to control scouts and lumberjacks manually and you can also prioritize building materials. We could simply install an option field on a construction site where you can specify the number of construction workers using a slider. For example from 0 to 4. You can also interrupt the construction of less important buildings and assign the construction workers to other construction sites.

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Posted at: 2023-08-09, 16:07

That's an interesting idea. I wonder how it would affect balancing… Builders may be scarce in the beginning, but cheap later. So maybe it wouldn't break balancing, only speed up the later phase of a game… But that still shifts the balance against the weaker player… which may or may not be desirable.

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