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Topic: If Add-On makes widelands crash with Segmentation Fault: Is this also an error in widelands itself?

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Posted at: 2022-11-18, 14:15


I came back to Widelands recently after a few years, and I see that versioning changed from 2x to 1.x and with this you have now official stable releases :-).

And there is now the new Add-On-System.

I have a question:

When widelands (stable release 1.1 as well as latest git build 1.2+git... crashes with a Segmentation Fault when some Add-On is enabled, is this, besides a problem with the Add-On, also a bug directly in widelands to be reported directly to widelands?

Shouldn't a buggy Ad-On make widelands maybe behaving errorneously and terminating the game and throwing an error, but not in a way that a segmentation fault occurs?


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Posted at: 2022-11-18, 15:41

Yes, invalid scripting should be caught and an error message displayed. If Widelands crashes completely please report that as a bug.

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