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Topic: Fish and hammer

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Pry about Widelands
Posted at: 2022-04-18, 11:44

Robots tribe! How intriguing. What have you got so far?

They would have crashed on the WL planet , and must survive with the means that this primitive lands have to offer face-wink.png

  • almost everything uses full batteries and produces empty batteries, or has an integrated solar panel. Potential upgrade for some buildings : An integrated wind turbine that reduces the battery usage (i thought especially of mines, that are in theory in higher alitudes).
  • several ways to recharge batteries : some first stage things that use photosynthesis (inneficient but low tech), and then some proper solar farms (it's always day on the Widelands Planet ! ).
  • soldier upgrades are componnents that you attach to your robots, so the training sites are actually factories. Gold is a good conductor!
  • Donkeys/horses/... are electric wooden cars
  • thinking of a pollution mechanic, where for instance smelting works or charcoal burners produces polution spots the same way a ranger plants a tree (blocks a node) and have to be removed by a cleaner before it can be used for anything. These buildings stop when they don't have any more spots to pollute.
  • etc.

I'm still not sure what ingredients should be used to produce batteries, maybe a Zinc mine (alwayn mine as an empty mine) would do the trick.

But yeah, right now it's more a nice thought when my mind wanders than a project !

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Posted at: 2022-04-18, 21:57

That is very cool. It gave me an idea: Maybe they could be reversed from the usual WL build up and instead be a wind down. They start with a huge supply of batteries and components from the spaceship but have to make them last by efficiently using them and minimizing waste. Like the frisians they could have a recycling centre. Or a dozen types of such buildings since they don't produce, but only reduce reuse and recycle. The 3 R's for the Robots. ; )

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