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Topic: Deep Wells

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Posted at: 2022-03-08, 16:38

I've been playing with this one and I like it. Have not yet run out of water in a game although some deep wells have run dry of course. There usually is more water somewhere else.

One thing that might be improved would be the adding of a notification when a deep well runs dry. There is one "Out of Water" when a shallow well does but none when a deep one does. There you only see it when you inspect a well and see it has low % and hovering over it confirms that it is dry.

The visual for its range is a bit confusing too but I've read the thread already asking about that. Suggestion: add something to the deep well help text telling players to ignore the blue field (or better yet explain that it is the radius of a standard well) as well as what the other colours mean.

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Posted at: 2022-03-08, 17:16

Good idea for the notification – published an update adding it.

The workareas thing is the same for other buildings whose workarea is enlarged for enhanced buildings, e.g. empire outpost and barbarian fortress, not specific to these wells…

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