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Topic: Multifunctional Artefacts

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Posted at: 2022-01-15, 22:49

I don't know if anyone else would like to have this feature, but with my new map of New Zealand I ended up with a following "wish to have" functionality:

Just like choosing if rafts are allowed and how far you can go with them, make Artefacts have the following choice:

  1. Just like they are currently
  2. Choose how many of them are required for winning when the last one is discovered. In that version the game may not end immediately, exept if not reaching the requirement equals to failure.

This would add some nice variety to the possible map designs without lua skills. My new map would benefit greatly from that as currently I'm considering whether or not to try learn some lua to make the NZ map perfect. I believe this map will offer something yet unseen in at least user made Widelands maps. Some more testing and maybe some(one?) lua skilled and then it'll be ready for publishing.

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