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Topic: Atlantians now OP

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Posted at: 2021-12-04, 12:30

I Love this game, thank you so much for all the hard work on it! Have been playing steadily for many years. Love also all of the improvements in the new version, especially things like 'Preserve Resources' and the ability to pre-upgrade buildings. Game looks amazing, the new music is great, keep up the good work!!

One frustration however is that the Atantians are now incredibly overpowered. Playing Rendez-Vous map as Empire, have taken entire map except for Atlantis node, my economy is -perfect-, is 3X their size, but even with scores of fully upgraded troops I cannot crack them because their fully upgraded soldiers kill fully upgraded Empire solders at a ratio of 6:1!

This is way off balance and I strongly urge adjusting them back to something much closer to levels in previous versions which were much more balanced.


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Posted at: 2021-12-04, 16:06

Hi and welcome to the forum,
thanks for the positive feedback.
However the experience of atlanteans fights might be misleading due them being based on luck for a good portion due to their high evade values.
Actually they have a 58% chance to win against empire when they have the first hit. If empire has the first hit the only have 51%.
all values van be calcualted with the excel file attached ( you need makros enabled)

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