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Topic: major issues with Widelands

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Just found this site
Posted at: 2023-03-01, 09:36

Many thanks, tothxa, that's more than I hoped for!

I'm on v1.1 and may wait for the distro (Manjaro) to move me to 1.2, and then use your add-on.

For now, as you suggested I edited /usr/share/widelands/scripting/richtext.lua, values of 20 instead of 12 in

function open_p(attributes)
   if attributes then
      return ("<p %s>"):format(attributes) .. "<font size=12>"
      return "<p><font size=12>"

That makes the tutorial text nicely readable. Cheers!

EDIT: I now noticed the AppImage dev build on the Download page. Just gave it a spin, created a new empty theme and pasted your init.lua into it. (For those looking for the right spot: try point your file browser to your home directory, then /.local/share/widelands/addons/new_addon_name_here.wad/) Increased tutorial text some more by setting p_font_size = 28 in init.lua. Also upped the size values for tooltip stuff further down the file. Works nicely at first blush. Thanks again face-smile.png

Edited: 2023-03-01, 11:55

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Pry about Widelands
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Posted at: 2023-03-02, 05:05

tothxa wrote:

I created an updated/extended version of @arch_stanton's add-on for current development versions.

Thanks @tothxa!

Feel free to remove the one I originally uploaded if it doesn't serve a purpose anymore.

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