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Topic: Frisian Campaign - Mission 3 - Bug?

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Posted at: 2021-08-02, 21:07

I think, the cooperative option and with it the time limit should be valid no longer with the first attack against the Romans. (As it is now, the Frisians could kill half of the Romans and still be passengers on their ship)

The storm was predicted by the Romans' astrologers. Iniucundus trusts them and won't wait any longer to set sail. But taking the role of the Frisians: Will the storm really come and be that fierce and lasting? Worst case would be that Lembeck and his men would need to stay some time longer on the island before they may set sail themselves. (Besides that, a port needs about 10 minutes game time to be build, but certainly longer than a storm may last.)

Another small issue: When I had collected enough gold for Iniucundus, I got some animation of the Romans' ship departing (taking the Frisians as passengers), but no message appeared that I won and access to the (not yet implemented) fourth Frisian mission was not unlocked yet. It took a reload from the autosave generated at that time additionally.

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