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Topic: First impressions

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Posted at: 2021-06-19, 07:15

Finished a game of 1.0 using Amazons, HQHunter and a Random Map (all the new stuff!). It took about 3 hrs to win.

The random map was quite good. Admittedly it was challenging to deal with snow and ice for Amazons (I assume they prefer hot climes) and a LOT of rocks to clear around the HQ. A little more rock might just have blocked me in but it was fine. The map is small so space was at a premium, I only built what was needed at first. Rare trees. I was a bit worried when i could not find the rare tree cutter but then I guessed it was an upgrade.

Building soldiers as Ama's seems very easy, no metal required (as they don't mine iron this is good ; - ) Rubber turned out to be the chokepoint. Eventually I built a second cutter and that helped. I initially wasn't sure I'd need to or be able to train them with the small map and early contact with Empire. I suspect the random map may have not provided them enough ore, only faced evasion trained soldiers. I did eventually build training centres (CHOCOLATE!) and even got a L5.

Will have to play the 'zons again on a more difficult map. They seem to rule small quick battles.

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