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Topic: fri03 observations

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The meanness is in fooling the poor player into believing that the volcano island is useless, when it's actually full of resources once the Atlanteans are beaten — just when the player doesn't need those resources that much any more for a while.

That again depends on the speed of expansion. I usually get in two or three coal mines and twice that many iron mines before meeting the enemy. This can make the difference between victory and defeat. And even if you don't get far enough you'll still have lots of space to work with empty mines if need be, those four plots on the starting island don't suffice. And after you defeated the atlanteans you have access to a large gold deposit which you'll need very much in the later game.

BTW it's also mean, as in more painful than hard, that we have to expand one small spot a time in the only possible direction a lot: both on the original and the volcano islands.

Again, it's not so uncommon on the official maps. And the original island has lots of medium spaces for outposts as well.

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