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Topic: The Lost Geologist!

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Posted at: 2021-04-25, 23:40

Check this out. He got lost completely. I wonder if removing the road caused this. He died eventually. Still funny...

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Posted at: 2021-04-25, 23:45

You cruel murderer : (

Maybe he wanted to change his job ( scout )

Maybe he didnt die but just disappeared...

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Posted at: 2021-04-25, 23:50

The poor geologist, may he rest in peace after being exiled from his tribe while doing his duty by a player who caused an economy split with all the horrible consequences for his workers by removing that road… face-wink.png

The result is the same as when you cut off any other worker from all warehouses by removing roads and/or flags. As long as they still have a task to do (looking for resources, working in a building, etc), they keep doing that. Afterwards, they attempt to go to a warehouse. And if there isn't one reachable from their base position (in the geologist's case, that's his flag) they become fugitive and wander around randomly in the hope of finding an economy with a warehouse, and if they don't find one in time they eventually die.

The carrier on the road did exactly the same thing after you destroyed his road, though he was closer to the homeland and therefore had a higher chance of finding back.

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Posted at: 2021-04-28, 07:28

Maybe if he makes it out alive, he'll start his own tribe...

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