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Topic: HQ Hunter bug

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Posted at: 2021-04-15, 23:31

HQ Hunter is causing a bug. Play HQ than watch reply. When first player is defeated the reply breaks down. It also affects next games. When you play for example Crossing the Horizon map without fog you can see that AI stops building ports. Restarting the game helps and AI starts building ports again. There is also problem with the map Long, long way v2. Printscreen attached. I use version 8880.

Attachment: Long, long way v2.jpg (319.9 KB)

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Posted at: 2021-04-16, 13:21

Both issues confirmed with current master. The desync is an especially bad bug and needs to be fixed quickly, thanks for finding this!

Desync bug:
UI glitch fix:

Edited: 2021-04-16, 13:55

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Posted at: 2021-04-16, 16:07

Grrr. I believe desync would affect allm of the WC now as we are using scripting to prevent ressurrection. But scripting is incompatible with replays, may the same applies for multiplayer sync as well.

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