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Topic: Developers Announcement

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Important info for all Widelands developers

A change to our automatic code formatting bot was just merged.

The format bot will now trigger a new testsuite build whenever it pushes to a PR branch. But it can only do this for branches in your fork if you help him! Everyone please create a Personal Access Token with (at least) the public_repo permission, and add this as a secret named WIDELANDS_FORMAT_TOKEN to your fork.

  1. Create a Personal Access Token in your profile ( Select the scope Repo → public_repo for the new token. The token's note does not matter (use e.g. "Widelands Formatting Bot"). Copy the token's hash.

  2. Create a secret in your widelands fork (<username>/widelands/settings/secrets). The secret must be named WIDELANDS_FORMAT_TOKEN. Its value must be the hash of the token you just created.

More information about Personal Access Tokens may be found here. More information about secrets may be found here.

This change affects everyone who contributes C++, Lua and/or Python code to the widelands/widelands repo.

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