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Topic: Making the editor independant of the game's screen resolution

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Posted at: 2010-05-28, 01:05

I'd like to suggest adding an option for editor screen resolution so that a different resolution can be used for editor and game.

This could be helpful for people who for example like a higher resolution in the editor and use a lower setting for the game. For editing the landscape, the screen resolution can barely be high enough, but within the game too high a resolution displays such a great area with so many buildings that one can get confused rather easily. I'm also thinking about people with slower machines here; and while the openGL renderer will certainly improve performance, it may still be just too much having hundreds of carriers walking around and dozens of buildings working.

Of course it's not too hard to just set the resolution manually each time you load the editor, it would be nice and convenient to have it a simpler way. So, if I don't ask too much, I'd like to see such a feature.

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