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Topic: Widelands Build

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Just found this site
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Any good guides on seafaring aspect

Thought it'd be neat to try a map with the boats, but it seems to be a bottleneck. (Things seem to need a connection to the HQ.) I messed around playing on one map where they were of use, and had four ships, but still seemed to have troubles with progression. Also how does one do an expedition with more military support?

Was wondering if there were any guides (preferably in English) that show how to deal with things there. Thanks.

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Pry about Widelands
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Did you play Empire/Roman Campaign Map 3?

4 Ships might not be enough. Depending on distance and number of ports you should get more for more fluid transport of goods.

Heavier military support should be achieved by just building more military buildings. If there is little space lots of sentries will do.

Ships are basically just like carriers that use the sea. The ports are their flags. You can fool around with storage and stuff but in my experience its easy to mess up the transport even more by doing too much fidgeting with these.

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