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Topic: Restless soldiers in the training camp...

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Posted at: 2020-04-03, 14:09

You know what do-ocracy is? As long as you are not up to code it yourself, you should carfully chose how to talk to the ones who actually do the programming. Otherwise you cause them to have a negative attitude towards you (seems like this has already happened for some of them). I try to read every post in this forum, but sometimes this is hard.

+1 for Nordfriese's proposal. I guess this can be done better one bye one.
And I don't think it will overboard the UI. The trainingsites' windows are very big, anyway and stuff related to micromanaging the training is kind of hard work. With those new options it will still be hard work, but a little bit less annoying. I think we are far beyond the point where we can handle the complexity of the game in a way that each newcomer will understand everything at first glance. And I think that is not a problem, they can play the tutorials and a few games versus AI before they challenge WorldSaviour face-wink.png

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