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Topic: Minimap

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Posted at: 2019-12-12, 16:51

I did a small overhaul of the minimap, since I wasn't with the way it is currently handled. Here a small roundup:

  • buttons for the minimap are in one row
  • minimap zoom2 limited to 600px
  • minimap tries to scale to 300px/600px
  • when map has a width of more than 300, zoom is disabled
  • disable zoom if the minimap height gets greater than the game's
  • center minimap window on zoom

Edit: Maps are scaled as much as possible now. So zooming is less necessary.

Here are some pictures in action.

64×64 map:

map normal 64 map zoom 64

Map that cannot be zoomed:

no zoom

Map that can be zoomed to the maximum limit of the vertical screen resolution:

zoom limit map max possible zoom

Edited: 2019-12-12, 23:58

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