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Topic: Fastlands is best widelands

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Posted at: 2019-12-09, 20:58

king_of_nowhere wrote: So, widelands at 3x to 5x the speed could be that. 15x, not much.

I also like this idea of 3-5 speed. Its the perfect middle way which combines both advantages, i think. 15x might be a bit to fast, as some aspects of the game are lost, same for 1x is sometimes hour lasting and nothing happens and you wait a lot of time for your next move / building


WorldSavior wrote:

trimard wrote:

You're welcome. Yes, good games. Did I say "fastlands"? I thought I called it "speedlands". But however : )

No I'm pretty sure because you were comparing fastlands and slowlands face-tongue.png

I'm also pretty sure face-tongue.png

here we definitely need those changes I presented in "Balances" like set soldier speed to slow as else this is more stressy than chilly

Yes, the process to produce heroes should be simplified, or are you referencing something else?

He's talking about moving speed of soldiers.

Moving speed to make it flowly or playable. And most importantly hero build should be not the same, as we need new challenges - also the current version requires much mirco and clicking.

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