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Topic: A Map of the world

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Yo... wrote:

there are just some hints for me, which kind of them should be where

Hi, and welcome to the forum!

I remember my first map. It was unplayable. Why? For good starting condition you need at least some water (with fish!) and stone in the mountains. It is impossible to play a map for Atlanteans and Empire without them (or at least extremely hard). So adding some extra resources for them is always a good idea.

Another thing about lack of connections: you have to remember that for now there is no military expedition, so it is impossible to play the game with autocrat in some of the games. But it is possible to play artefacts or time-limit modes.

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Hi, and thanks!

Yes, I know, stones in the mountains will be pretty much everywhere at least on the continents. And fish will be everywhere along the coasts and in most rivers/lakes. Underground water could be only in the deserts a little problem (that means in northern Africa / green Player). But I'll place all this resources after the landscape is finished.

I'm sure it'll take some time till the map is ready and playable. Maybe until then the military expedition already is implemented face-wink.png And if not --- who needs autocrats? face-smile.png

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