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Topic: Road transport restrictions

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Posted at: 2019-06-09, 22:53

I would like a reset-button more. Klick on it and all wares' destiantions in the empire become immediately recalculated. That could melt down one or two jams and alleviate problems in seafaring. Maybe restrict it to be hit not more than once in five minutes or something like that.

If there really is the desire to forbid wares to pass specific flags, I would put them into groups. Let's say there are 4 groups, give them numbers, colors, animal-symbols or whatever. For each flag, each individual group can be enabled or disabled, which is shown on the flag itself. In the target-values' menu the player should assign the wares to the groups (wares can belong to more than one group). Technically this would be the same as giving restrictions on each ware for each flag, but hopefully with a bit less need of calculations and less potential for confusion and so called user-caused-errors.

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Posted at: 2019-06-12, 13:09

Another problem with the flag setting approach is that there can be a lot of flags in an economy, and if you want to change the settings, that will be a lot of clicking just to make sure that you haven't overlooked a flag. This means that we'd need to implement a window that gives an overview of all the flags and their settings, otherwise it will be unmanageable.

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