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Topic: Congestion Competition

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Posted at: 2018-05-31, 22:34

In our case, for a solution to the congestion problem, we have to transform into flag perspective.

I am not convinced. Maybe as GunChleoc said, start a topic where you can explain your perspective of that solution? I will be glad to discuss it with you there.
All you said is true, except your opinions. That are only opinions. (The same you can tell about my opinions face-wink.png .) I would like to check which algorithm is the most optimal: uses less CPU, needs less changes to the architecture (not the code, just the design), and will be easy to explain.

I agree that checking all the possibilities is not the best idea. But even there you can do this task in many ways. The result is the same and the computer resources are used in different ways.

Congested flags could increase the weight in our A* function

I would like to solve the congestion problem at all. First, find the solution to avoid this at the first glance and second, what can be done to "recalculate" the routing and destroy congestion. Now congestion can happen "naturally" (by adding special conditions), but when we solve this problem, some players (AI included) can make special situations, where congestion will happen anyway.

calculations & maps packages: http://wuatek.no-ip.org/~rak/widelands/
backup website files: http://kartezjusz.ddns.net/upload/widelands/

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Posted at: 2018-06-26, 18:20

Now starts the next phase of the competition. Participants have to use the new version found here and try achieving full (maybe impossible) and/or half-full (possible under heavy traffic) congestion in the shortest amount of time.

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