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Topic: Interested in working on the audio side of things.


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Just found this site
Posted at: 2010-01-29, 14:35

Greetings chaps

I'm looking to build up somewhat of a portfolio of music I've composed for video games and anything to do with The Settlers is a good start! Here are a few pieces I've been working on recently just for the hell of it, hopefully they will pique your interest.

Firstly however I'd like to know a bit about the audio in the game. I'm both interested in the composition and production of music and foley sounds and also the implementation of the audio. How is music being composed and implemented into the game? Is there just a number of 4 minute (or whatever) pieces that play in succession or is there a more adaptive advanced system in place? Are atmospheric sounds such as birds and trees etc played as part of the music or in the background as a separate entity?

Here be the my new myspace page hosting my music

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Pry about Widelands
Posted at: 2010-02-01, 18:56

Hi Asgath,

welcome to the widelands community. We are always searching for good music and sounds.

A good place to start with is the AboutAudio-Page where you will be provided with basic information.

For now the music in widelands is just played randomly. We have different 'playlists' for the start-screen, the menu and ingame-music. The music does not include ambience-soundeffects.

If i remember right, the bird-ambience-sounds are triggered by the tree animation. (As most of the sounds are triggered on some animation i think.) If you are interested in developing sound-effects you may have a look at the Game Arts Subversion repository. There you will find some raw-audiofiles which was used to create some of the sounds in widelands. The best way to have an overview of the soundeffects is to look in the 'sound'-folder of your local widelands installation.

All sound- and music-files are stored in Ogg format.

If you have coding abilities, too, it would be great if you will help us to improve the sound engine. We use SDL as sound-engine. On the DownloadPage you will find out how to get the sources.

The music i have heard so far is a nice approach. But you may start with some less superjacent voices and keep it more simple. The style of 'The kingdom by the pond' and 'Fortunes Foe' would fit to widelands well. But therefor it may be improved on some points, which may sound, if you here them very often, a bit straining. Try to keep it a more simple first.

If you have any questions so far, feel free to send me a pm. Even if i will not allways answer on the same day, i will try to keep the time short.

Looking forward,

Bye, Solatis

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