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Topic: New Soldiers


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Posted at: 2009-03-19, 09:24

Hi, I play Widelands now for the second time, but the first time with the Atlanteans. Now my problem is, that I discovered half of the landscape and at the border I detected the other peoples. After I defeted some of them, I want to extend, but altough I have enough ressources (only cured meat is missing) I don`t get new soldiers. Does anybody know why ??? Thank you for helb me.

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Posted at: 2009-03-19, 11:09

Hi spieler09,

it would actually be nice to know what version you are running, as we currently changed a bit in soldiers training for the atlanteans, but well I think it will be build13... face-smile.png

okay, so what you need is a light trident and a tabard in one of your warehouses/headquarters. Normally, if there's request for those and you already have a light trident in one warehouse and the tabard in another - one of the wares will be carried to the other warehouse to enable the training of new soldiers. So perhaps you simply don't have a weaving-mill or don't have a weapon-smith producing the light tridents?

I hope this explanation helps a bit face-smile.png

Cheers Nasenbaer

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