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Topic: Aeriagames

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Just found this site
Posted at: 2010-01-16, 21:13

Hey everyone,

I wanna suggest you a site where you can find some good games.

What kinda games are here? Here is a summary:

fantasy mmorpg

Role Playing Game in a world, created with a "medieval" taste with magic or something. You can meet,trade, talk and playing together with others to kill some mobs (mob = animal or object to kill)

  • Shaiya

  • Last Chaos

  • Turf Battles (Beta phase ! )

  • Grand Fantasia

  • Fragoria (Browserbased + Beta phase ! )

Martial arts mmorpg

role playing game, but in form of using martial arts. like Japanese fight techniques.

  • Twelve Sky ( <--- too much bugged, you should take the version below)

  • Twelve Sky(2)

  • Dragon Sky

Social mmorpg

This is a role laying game that focus on social life, like SIMS but with another players

  • Dream Of Mirror Online (aka DOMO)

  • Luminary

Another genres

  • Project Torque (Racing mmorpg)
  • wolfteam FPS mmorpg, (First Person Shooter)
  • Shin megami tensei, (aka Megaten) anime mmorpg, central is the subject anime.
  • Latale (arcade style mmorpg)
  • Hello Kitty Online (aka HKO ) (Beta phase ! ) it's like casual mmorpg

by xybolt

More info:

Im a 2 years member of aeriagames, old member of Project Torque, the Massively Multiplayer Online Racing Game. You will find many gameplay video on youtube and on other video portal. Why I suggest it? Because there are helpful, friendly members, a really good community, and having lot of fun. Here is my one of the first video about a fun in Project Torque (made for a celebration face-smile.png )

Official PT video:

Another trailer by MoRpHiN_cz: (MY FAVOURITE)

Slo mo by addyduss: (ANOTHER FAV)

And what is important: FREE TO PLAY

Thanks for attention! See ya there! face-wink.png


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Posted at: 2010-01-17, 11:58

"Free to play" as in "as long as you don't care to lose against the people who pay".

I believe it is not the best way of advertising to place ads of commercial game sites in a forum of a Free and Open Source community game. I consider this spam.

CMake is evil.

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Likes to be here
Posted at: 2010-01-19, 10:00

Me too.

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