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Topic: No more trees

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Posted at: 2017-07-05, 15:27

JanO wrote:

Another idea (propably hard to code): If the woodcutter doesn't find any tree to cut, he could instead walk towards the next forester, pick up a seedling there and plant it by himself somewhere in his working radius.

Well, no woodcutter has got the shovel which is needed for this. But it's a possible idea for a new tribe which has not only woodcutters, but also such "advanced woodcutters" with an extra shovel face-wink.png

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Posted at: 2017-07-05, 18:40

GunChleoc wrote:

I have lowered the percentage to 60% and pushed directly to trunk. Let's see how we get along - we can lower it again to 50% it it's still annoying and see how that works then.

Thanks face-smile.png

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