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Topic: "Northmen" Tribe Page

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Posted at: 2018-04-21, 18:19

Thanks for clearing that up - I have closed the bug. Don't worry about it face-smile.png

Busy indexing nil values

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Posted at: 2018-04-24, 10:07

To be more precise: I discovered that the scout is missing in all (or most) ration related strings. If there’s something about the food, normally there’s only talk about the miners and soldiers. I can point the strings out at Transifex, as issue for example, and spamming GunChleoc’s mail inbox that way…

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Posted at: 2018-05-01, 20:15

WorldSavior wrote:

  • charcoal kilns are more effective which gives an advanteage on maps with few coal.

This advantage is also not big. Every frisian trainings step requires coal, and a top soldier requires 44 coal. But Atl: 25, Emp: 28, Bar: 33. So the advantage to require only 50% of wood for charcoal is not that big. And you need charcoal burners only in corner cases anyway...

I think there is an exception: Aqua farm needs a working clay pit nearby. If there is little to moderate construction ongoing, the system could starve out of fish while the clay pits (and thus aqua farms) stay idle. Coal burners keep the system running in those cases.

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Posted at: 2018-05-06, 18:39


Great to see a new tribe! As for the clay & bricks, few years ago I proposed similar changes to Settlers 2.5 RTTR. The brickyard concept thread.

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