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Topic: Choosable File Format

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Posted at: 2016-12-04, 17:51
If the problem persists, you would have to update the Maps section with a statement
"This map requires a version of Widelands newer than build19!"
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Posted at: 2016-12-04, 18:28

I think if you create a new package number, someone should be sensible enough to judge the consequences.

It is not so easy to know in the code which packet goes into a savegame (and therefore is save to increase the version) and which goes both into savegames and maps. You are right that in hindsight, the problem seems obvious. But that is true for most bugs - in fact for nearly all. Once you found the problem, it seems obvious and you wonder why you did not think about this right away while implementing.

Gun has a good idea and mentioned it in the bug report. I think we can totally fix this and resave the map to be compatible with b19 again.

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Posted at: 2016-12-06, 08:40

The fix is up for review:

With this fix, you can load your map and save, and it will magically work again with Build 19.

Edited: 2016-12-06, 08:41

Busy indexing nil values

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