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Topic: Video interview with one of the original Settlers developers


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Posted at: 2016-10-27, 20:38

For those who don't know, MattChat is a Youtube show and interview series hosted by Matt Barton featuring lots of game developers of the 80s and 90s. I recently discovered that he had interviewed Volker Wertich who worked on the first and third Settlers game. The interview is divided into three parts and in addition to Settlers, he also talks about other games he worked on and all around fun stuff:

part 1

part 2

part 3

Thought this might be interesting for others as well. face-smile.png

PS. The show also has interviews with lots of other people who worked on games like Doom or Fallout or any other great game you might remember.

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Posted at: 2016-10-27, 21:51

Thanks face-smile.png

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Posted at: 2016-11-01, 13:12

The most important sentence in part 1:

"German games has an intend to get too complex to be fun."

Widelands should take care of this :-).

Fight simulator for Widelands:

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Posted at: 2018-09-25, 06:03

Settler is now one of my favorites game, the interesting part about this game that it used to make a city building by using some of the real strategies. Thanks for sharing this videos.

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